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  • Barbara Treadwell's Favorite Food Finds

          Each Sunday morning at 8:30 following the KGO Radio News Update, I’ll mention some of my Favorite Food Finds in San Francisco and             the Bay area. It's all about the food for me. That’s why I say, “It’s not what’s hot, it’s what hits the spot!”

         Barbara Treadwell for “On the Go” with John Hamilton on KGO.

  • Favorite Food Finds
         Show # 33 – Aired March 17, 2013

           Corned Beef and Cabbage – Chieftain Irish Pub

          Every St. Patrick’s Day, all I want is Corned Beef and Cabbage. I found the best at Chieftain Irish Pub in San Francisco where I was                       transported to the Land of Leprechauns. As soon as I walked in, I heard the lilt of Irish song, sensed the air of good neighborhood cheer,           and ordered this scrumptious plate of food.

When the corned beef arrived, it was everything I expected. There were four lean pieces of corned beef, tender and flavorful with its cooking juices for dipping. The cabbage was done just right, as were the potatoes and carrots. It came with a slice of authentic Irish soda bread and butter, and there was a bottle of spicy brown mustard within reach to add a tasty accent.

Not being a beer drinker, I ordered the Magner’s Irish Apple Cider. It was crisp, bubbly and just the taste I wanted. The whole meal was enough to warm the cockles of my heart and carry me through this St. Paddy’s Day. Do yourself a favor and have the corned beef and cabbage at Chieftain. It’ll do a jig in your mouth!

Barbara Treadwell for “On the Go” with John Hamilton on KGO.

Rave Reviews 

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  • Cooking with Ryan Scott

          The Chieftain's Mark Nagle was invited to be a guest on KGO Radio's Cooking with Ryan Scott on March 16, 2013: The Chieftain was                 recognized as a Top Place to go for Food & Drinks in San Francisco.

          Ryan Scott KGO Radio

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